Advatronix & FreeNAS – A perfect match

FreeNAS® is the premier open-source operating system focusing on storing and sharing data over a network. As the name suggests, the operating system is available at no cost and provides a great way to enable centralized, performance-oriented, and easily accessible storage for your home or small office.

According to FreeNAS®’ wiki page, “the best way to get the most out of your FreeNAS® system is to install as much RAM as possible.” That is because FreeNAS® uses ‘ZFS’, which is an advanced filesystem designed, in part, to provide redundancy while addressing some of the inherent limitations of hardware RAID solutions.

The ZFS file system provides a write cache, which writes data to a temporary storage area in RAM to speed up the data writing process. It can use larger amounts of RAM depending on how much RAM is installed in a server to allow much faster data transfers. Hardware RAID has traditionally been limited to 1024MB of cache, so bypassing this limitation with FreeNAS and a large amount of RAM is a great way to enjoy speeds traditionally reserved for high-end datacenters at a tiny fraction of the investment.

Advatronix® System’s latest Intel® Atom™  based Cirrus 1200™ server and Nimbus 400™ series microserver were designed to take advantage of the unique features offered by FreeNAS®. Both models can accept large amounts of RAM, up to 64GB, which provides plenty of memory for the ZFS to access and enables blistering data read/write speeds. The Cirrus 1200™ offers up to 96TB of storage space through 12 hot-swappable drives, while the Nimbus 400™ offers up to 32TB of space via 6 drives (4 hot swappable, 2 fixed). With a range of hardware available, an Advatronix® server is the ideal solution for most home, home office, and small office applications.

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