The Advatronix® Cirrus™ 1200 is Green

‘Going green’ these days doesn’t – or shouldn’t — have to mean living off the grid eating tree bark. A growing number of modern businesses have made the happy discovery that there are easy ways to improve your workplace’s efficiency and sustainability which nicely increases your green – as in the dollar kind.

At Advatronix® Systems we specialize in server solutions for small to large businesses who want their data to be safely stored in one spot. This could be any electronic document, pictures, music and videos – even a tree bark recipe or two.

All of these items previously took up space on the clients’ hard and floppy drives, CDs, or thumb drives. A search for one specific file among all of these sometimes took hours to complete and used many system resources. With remote storage capabilities of our green servers, you’ll no longer have to buy extra external media because the data now is in one organized place that’s easy to sort through.

We at Advatronix® Systems also create our eco friendly servers with permanence in mind rather than something that needs to be upgraded/replaced/thrown out in a couple of years. All hardware such as the Cirrus™ 1200 is designed for not just maximum performance but maximum energy and power efficiency, including:

  •  Focus on low-cost products requiring minimal maintenance
  •  Mesh filter which reduces dust intake and keeps the ecofriendly servers from heating up.
  •  Circulation system where air is dispersed into different heat zones. The fan blades also run slowly but efficiently, reducing the noise one usually hears with fans.