Advatronix® Systems Demystifies the Trusted Platform Module

A TPM, or Trusted Platform Module, is a revolutionary piece of hardware that can be installed on some computers and servers to greatly increase security and ensure that the only people that can access your device are those that you authorize. Here is a brief overview of the technology, explaining what it is and why you will need it.

A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a specialized hardware crypto processor, housed on the motherboard, which generates and stores unique keys for the purpose of hardware authentication. By utilizing these keys and working together with your BIOS, operating system and certain software applications, the TPM provides additional platform integrity that can’t be achieved through software alone. The main way a TPM does its job is in forming a root of trust, where information specific to the host system like encryption keys, passwords, and digital certificates are stored. By utilizing a hardware security solution like the TPM, as opposed to a software one, it ensures only authorized users and devices can connect to a network and is much more difficult to hack or compromise, bolstering security significantly.

Authentication – The TPM can provide pre-boot user authentication, establishing the root of trust before the operating system, and any potential viruses, are loaded into memory. Through establishing trust The TPM is supported by most major operating systems and can work in conjunction with other popular security technologies like firewalls and antivirus software.

Platform Integrity – The TPM ensures additional platform integrity by reporting on changes to the BIOS, master boot record, boot sector, operating system and application software to prevent unauthorized changes.

Malware Protection – The TPM protects against malware by ensuring platform integrity prior to boot. Additionally, it helps prevent the unintended spread of malware by allowing administrators to assess the health of the TPM-equipped system before booting up and that no unauthorized changes have been made.

Encryption – BitLocker Drive Encryption, a full disk encryption features included with Microsoft Windows®  Server 2012 used to encrypt entire hard drives, makes use of TPM technology to provide enhanced functionality, greater security, and pre-boot user authentication.

Security is essential for any server. Data must be secured from unauthorized access and mission-critical systems need protection from hackers, malware, and the unapproved and often harmful changes they can initiate. Software based security alone just isn’t good enough anymore.

All Cirrus™ 1200 servers by Advatronix® Systems come standard with a provision for a TPM device for rock-solid hardware-enforced security and platform integrity.

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