Advatronix Systems Expands its Operating Systems Offerings to Include CentOS Enterprise

Advatronix® Systems, a leader in innovative server solutions, has announced a Linux enterprise version of their innovative Cirrus™ 1200 server model, utilizing the latest version of the popular CentOS 6.4. Operating System.

The Cirrus™ 1200 is Advatronix® System’s unique take on the server solution and is remarkably powerful and easy to use. The Cirrus™ 1200 boasts the versatility to work an almost limitless variety of tasks and environments ranging from the home, home office, and multi-user professional services office, to the small-to-medium size business and not-for-profit organization. Featuring state of the art hardware, the Cirrus™ 1200 has all the power needed to manage your digital domain, merging industry-leading performance and reliability with green, energy efficient operation to maximize productivity and revolutionize server computing.

At the heart of the Cirrus™ 1200 is its groundbreaking, multi-tiered chamber design keeping the server compact while allowing for efficient cooling and whisper-quiet operation unheard of in computing servers until today. A permanent, cleanable mesh filter guards the air intakes to prevent dust from entering the server and accumulating on internal components. This innovative form factor combines with powerful and energy efficient hardware components to shatter the limitations of the old-fashioned server solutions championed by big-name competitors and open up a whole new dimension of server computing that you won’t find anywhere else.

The latest version of the Cirrus™ 1200 comes preinstalled with CentOS 6.4 to provide end-users with enterprise-level Linux functionality with all of the unique benefits available only on the Cirrus™ 1200, providing a top-of-the-line, no compromise solution for users and businesses that enjoy the advanced functionality and flexibility of Linux environments.
Built around the latest Intel® Xeon® E3v3 platform, The Cirrus™ 1200 is validated for 24×7 quiet, reliable and energy efficient operation. With plenty of processing power, vast amounts of ECC memory and a rock solid, 48TB, speedy storage subsystem, it can handle anything thrown at it.

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