Advatronix® Systems Partners with HD Sentinel to Develop Acoustix, an Innovative Thermal Monitoring Program and Intelligent Fan Control System

Advatronix® Systems, a leader in innovative server solutions, is proud to announce it has partnered with HD Sentinel, developer of Hard Disk Sentinel and other pioneering software products, to develop a proprietary server hardware/software solution for active thermal monitoring and intelligent fan control for enabling efficient server power management.  The program, dubbed Acoustix, will allow unparalleled control over a server’s thermal profile, providing real-time monitoring of each system drive and intelligently adjusting server fan speed to provide optimal cooling.

Acoustix monitors hard disk temperatures in real time and, when an increased thermal load is detected on the drives, raises the RPM of the system fans to exhaust excess heat and cool the system.  Conversely, when the program senses lower disk temperatures, fan speed is decreased.  Together, this serves to increase fan lifespan by ensuring they are not unnecessarily overworked by continuously operating at full load and enhances hardware longevity by helping to ensure components are kept within their thermal “comfort zone” while also lessening power consumption and the overall noise level of the server.

The Acoustix thermal monitoring and intelligent fan control system will come pre-installed on all Advatronix® Cirrus™ 1200 servers.

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