Benefits of ECC Memory

Error-correcting code (ECC) memory is a type of Random Access Memory (RAM) that can automatically detect and correct memory errors that would otherwise lead to data corruption or cause a system crash. ECC memory is most commonly deployed in environments where data corruption or unexpected downtime must be avoided under any circumstances.

ECC Memory functions by detecting and correcting single bit errors, which can be caused by a wide variety of factors. Memory error-inducing factors can include things as random and uncontrollable as cosmic ray influence from the sun, so there isn’t currently a way to eliminate their occurrence, only fix them when they arise, before they result in any problems.

The benefits of ECC memory are most dramatic in servers. In addition to the mission-critical nature of many servers that keeps maintaining uptime a priority, servers regularly deal with large amounts of data, and are often on 24 hours a day. The more data a server processes, and the longer it is on for, the more the chance of a memory error will increase. This multiplies both the benefits of ECC memory if it’s used and the chances of an uncorrectable error if it is not.

As a general rule, nearly a third of all systems out there with 1 GB of RAM will experience errors that could have been corrected by ECC memory. Additionally, non-ECC systems have been found to have 25 times more outages than systems equipped with ECC memory. In modern servers, where it’s not uncommon to have 16 or 32 GB or more of RAM, the likelihood of such errors is so much greater that ECC memory is an absolute necessity.

For today’s high-performance servers that require 24/7 availability, ECC memory is the ideal solution to keep your data safe and your server up and running. All Advatronix® Cirrus™ 1200 servers are equipped with ECC memory standard for maximum uptime and reliability. For more information about the Cirrus™ 1200, please visit our product page.