Benefits of SSD Caching

Solid State Drives (SSDs) are storage devices that do not contain moving parts in contrast to mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs). SSDs are also inherently faster that HDDs, consume less power and are capable of operating in harsher environments. This being said, SSDs are much more expensive in terms of Dollar per storage unit. Therefore, SSDs are commonly used to accelerate data operations rather than to store all of a company’s data.

A specialized storage controller can use an SSD, or even an array of SSDs, as cache pool for the conventional, large capacity, array of HDDs to dramatically accelerate data operations and system responsiveness.

By using SSD caching on an Advatronix® Cirrus™ 1200 powered by Adaptec’s maxCache 3.0 solution, users can experience up to 25x faster data read operations and up to 14x faster data write operations over HDD only solutions. What’s more? Opting for an Advatronix® Cirrus™ 1200  powered by Adaptec’s maxCache 3.0 solution allows your company to reduces capital expenses by increasing data Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPs) with less hardware, thereby significantly cutting energy and maintenance costs.