A Server Solution for Creative Professionals

Photographers, graphic designers, video editors and other content creators rejoice! The computing sever that tailors to your every need is finally here.

Meet the stylish Cirrus™ 1200 by Advatronix® Systems, a revolutionary versatile high-end server that fits perfectly in your atelier or small office.  Thanks to its unique form factor and advanced power saving features, the Cirrus 1200™ doesn’t require a rack mount or special cooling considerations. Whisper quiet in operation, the Cirrus™ 1200 won’t distract you from what you do best: imagine, envision…CREATE!

Thanks to the advanced RAID storage subsystem of the Cirrus™ 1200, your precious digital data can finally rest safely in one place. What’s more? You can securely access it from anywhere, anytime and use advanced search features to instantly retrieve contemporary relevant material. With a Cirrus™ 1200, collaboration becomes a breeze and with up to 48TB of disk space, you no longer have to worry about exceeding your digital storage quota.

The peace of mind and convenience the Cirrus™ 1200 brings to your workshop is priceless.  After owning one for a while, you will wonder how you were able to operate without it for so long.