Advatronix® Systems’ Cirrus™ 1200 Server Blows Away Big Name Competitors

Advatronix® Systems has re-imagined the server with the creation of the Cirrus™ 1200, an easy to use and powerful solution that blows away the competition in performance, reliability, and efficiency while serving as the answer to major difficulties that have plagued servers for decades.

The problems associated with servers offered by other companies are numerous. Competing solutions are equipped with excessively loud fans, generate a prohibitive amount of heat, consume copious amounts of power, and are almost always housed in huge cases. For maximum performance and reliability, they also require a dedicated, climate controlled, dust free environment that makes them too costly or too inconvenient for most people to own, and those are just a few of the problems owners of traditional servers are likely to encounter.

The groundbreaking design of the Cirrus™ 1200 solves all of these issues and more. The Cirrus™ remains cool, compact, quiet, and energy efficient while delivering superb performance and maximum reliability unrivaled by others servers on the market today.

The Cirrus™ 1200 features a groundbreaking, multi-tiered chamber design responsible for keeping the server compact while allowing for efficient cooling and whisper-quiet operation unheard of in servers until today. A permanent, cleanable mesh filter guards the air intakes to prevent dust from entering the server and accumulating on internal components. This innovative form factor combines with powerful and energy efficient hardware components to shatter the limitations of the old-fashioned server solutions championed by big-name competitors and open up a whole new dimension of server computing that you won’t find anywhere else.

For additional information on the Cirrus™ 1200 server and what it can do for you, visit our product page.