Private Cloud vs Public Cloud

The buzz in IT is all about cloud computing. But many business owners know that they should know what it is but really aren’t sure what cloud computing is. There is no “cloud” in cloud computing – no radio waves or satellite servers that orbit earth. Cloud computing is a scheme for obtaining IT services that are acquired or rented and then delivered on demand through an Internet connection. If the public Internet is used than the service are provided by a public cloud, if the services are originating from a private IP-based network than it is coming via a private cloud. In all cases, cloud computing services are housed and driven by extremely high virtualized data processing and storage systems housed in data centers and accessed through the use of a web interface by remote users.

Examples of a public cloud include Google and all the services it offers and Zoho. Anyone can use the services by signing up and in some cases paying a monthly fee.

A private cloud is where the server is owned by a company. Access is restricted to authorized users and the company’s IT department functions as the vendor of cloud services.

Whether private or public, cloud computing is an excellent way to reduce software costs, provide access across platforms and devices (an increasingly vexing problem for non-cloud servers) and allow for scalability; that is adding storage and computing capacity only as needed.

Many companies have found that Microsoft Server 2012 is an effective reliable way to gain the benefits of cloud computing. It is scalable – small companies to large find it to work well for them. As the Server 2012 technology was made expressly to let companies take advantage of cloud computing its security features are rich and rugged.

In many companies the CIO and CFO are in agreement that if the company deals with large amounts of data there is a point of diminishing returns with public cloud computing. However, when using Server 2012 by Microsoft for private cloud computing, there is a good return on investment (ROI) that gets better as data needs grow.

Cloud computing is catching on fast. Even Microsoft Office can be provided from the cloud as SaaS or Software as a Service. Users can range from one person to companies with thousands of employees. All you need is an Internet connection and you have access to stored documents, email, MS Word, presentations and more. The attraction is you only pay as you go. Your software is upgraded constantly at no cost. If you add an employee the cost is incremental.

The cloud is a good idea. For companies with large data handling and storage needs it is a great one!

The Advatronix® Solution

We offer an advanced server solution that you can use to create your own personal or office cloud. With the Cirrus™ 1200’s high storage capacity you can store your entire library of data that you can access anywhere at anytime.