Rack Mount Server vs Advatronix® Servers

You have a lot of choices when it comes to small business servers. You want to get the best bang for your buck with affordable network servers, so consider small form factor servers when you’re building your IT infrastructure. Two choices to look at in small form factor servers are rack mount servers and Advatronix servers.

Rack mount servers are a type of server offered by several companies, such as HP and Dell. These servers slide into racks and work for print servers, email servers, and networking. The advantages of rack mounted servers is the ability to have multiple servers in one small space, as well as making it easier to keep cables organized. The disadvantage is the cooling requirements for the servers once you begin adding many servers to the rack.

advatronix_CU1200_side-2Advatronix® Cirrus™ servers have a small form factor that combines a compact form factor with excellent cooling abilities. The front of the server case contains a filter that prevents dust and debris from getting in the system. You won’t need to pull this server apart to clear out the dust. The filter included with this server is reusable mesh. The rest of the cooling system consists of large bladed, quiet fans that manage the cooling requirements of this server. This server was also designed to keep the power requirements low. Each hardware component was added to the server specifically for a balance between power efficiency and performance. The server also uses a power management system that keeps the power requirements under control.