Slowest Performing Part of a Server: The Storage Subsystem

As most know, there are many delicate components to a computer. There are many components that can severely harm a computer’s functionality. Among these components is the storage subsystem. Without proper maintenance, the storage system could cause your PC to fail to start or even lose data.

The storage subsystem is a group of components in a computer that stores data after your computer turns off. With system memory, data is only stored until the computer turns off. The storage subsystem holds all the data that remains within your PC while it’s not operating. The reason this set of components exists is to make sure your computer boots up properly and that you retain all the “permanent” data you will need. Data such as installed programs, and system settings are among these, so the storage subsystem is actually a very important component to your PC.

There are many reasons why the storage subsystem is so susceptible to malfunction. A single weak link in the system can bring down the entire set of components so constant maintenance is a must. Another reason is the slow storage response time due to the mechanical nature of hard drives. The digital storage clashes with the mechanical hard drives, severely reducing the response time compared to other components.These reasons cause the storage subsystem to slow down many times often than not. Because of this, the storage subsystem is often considered the slowest performing part of a server.
There is a way however to speed up your storage system and by default, speed up your server. With Hardware RAID, a storage technology where data is distributed through RAID levels, you can significantly increase the speed of your storage subsystem’s response time. A great feature is that it even does it safely since interfering with data storage can be very tricky. Hardware RAID’s methods are much safer than other alternatives, so you don’t have to worry about any break in data.

Because the storage subsystem is such a vital part of your PC’s overall performance, a sped up subsystem means a sped up server. Within a short amount of time, you can easily see the difference. And Hardware RAID can easily show you that difference.

How Advatronix® Can Help

We offer an advanced server solution that eliminates the storage bottleneck with our hybrid RAID hardware that comes in the Cirrus™ 1200. Our Cirrus 1200 support full versions of Windows Server and Linux.

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