The Cirrus™ 1200 by Advatronix® Systems now offers direct backup onto M-DISCs with up to 1,000 year of data retention!

No one can dispute the importance of backing up data on a regular basis. And while some files are live documents that need to change and get revised constantly, other files such as priceless pictures, videos, medical records and completed documents can be backed up once and for all and stored in a safe place for later review.

Until recently, external backup devices, such as flash drives, DVDs and external Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) were only able to safely hold backed up data for up to 8 years. Beyond that time, your backed up files may become corrupted or the devices could cease to function, rendering your invaluable data irretrievable and lost forever. This presented a problem for those of us who wanted, or needed, the ability to backup important data for a longer period of time. Many of our important documents, photos, videos, financial and medical records are irreplaceable and will be needed well into the future.

Today however, the Cirrus™ 1200 by Advatronix® Systems offers you the ability to directly backup your data onto M-DISCs that sport incredible data retention of up to 1,000 years! Yes, you read it right, 1,000 years. The M-DISC™ is a permanent storage technology that comes in a disc form, that is resistant to light, temperature and humidity and that can be accessed from any standard DVD player. Nothing on the market today comes close to the amazing longevity of the M-DISC™, or the peace of mind you’ll get knowing the lifespan of your important data is measured in centuries instead of years.

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