The Importance of Storage Encryption with AES-Ni

Today, more and more of our important data is being stored digitally. Personally identifiable information, financial records, company data and intellectual property need to be protected from constantly evolving threats that become more sophisticated every day. Hackers, identity thieves, rival companies or even current and former employees can present a security risk and with a little knowledge can compromise your data if it isn’t kept safe and secure.

The most effective way to secure your data and keep it from prying eyes is through encryption. Encryption methods vary, but they all function by encoding data into an unreadable, secure format that can only be unencrypted and accessed by the authorized party.

Traditionally, one major hurdle that kept individual users and small to medium businesses from adopting encryption is the added time it took to encrypt and decrypt files, and the negative performance impact it had on computer systems and servers. Because of this downside, many decided not to encrypt their data and live with the risk inherent to unencrypted files, and many became victims to identity thieves, corporate espionage, and lost important personal, financial, and company data.

We’ve entered a new era in modern encryption with the Advatronix Cirrus™ 1200 featuring Intel’s AES-NI technology. Intel AES-NI (Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions) is Intel’s powerful new encryption standard featured on Intel Xeon server processors and comes standard with the Cirrus™ 1200 server to blaze through encryption and decryption-related tasks. AES-NI can accelerate encryption by up to 4 times in serial mode1 and up to 10 times in parallel mode2. The Cirrus™ 1200 with AES-NI slashes the time-consuming and often costly disadvantages that had become associated with encryption in the past.

The benefits of the Cirrus™ 1200 with Intel AES-NI extend far beyond its quality of removing the performance penalty associated with encryption. Traditional encryption can be vulnerable and contains certain security limitations. With AES-NI, its execution of instructions in hardware provides additional security against software side-channel attacks, effectively removing the one glaring weakness from an otherwise bulletproof method of security. Additionally, AES-NI allows for full disk encryption to shield vital data from employees, who are responsible for 50%-60% of data loss.

The Cirrus™ 1200 featuring Intel AES-NI is the ultimate in data security, providing rock-solid encryption without the vulnerabilities of software-level emulation and shatters the performance barriers of old-fashioned encryption solutions. For more information on the Cirrus 1200 and what it can do for you, visit


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2 Intel Internal measurements using internal benchmark on a reference server with two Intel Xeon X5680 processor: 3.20GHz, single core, signal threaded, cache size: 12288 KB; Memory: 12 GB; OS: Linux Fedora

  • More and more of our data is stored digitally and is increasingly vulnerable to hackers and other security issues.
  • The most effective way to secure your data is through encryption, but it didn’t used to be a realistic solution for individuals or small and medium businesses because encrypting files was time consuming and used up system resources.
  • Intel AES-NI, featured on the Advatronix Cirrus 1200 server, solves traditional performance limitations and speeds up encryption by up to 4 times in serial mode and up to 10 times in parallel mode.
  • Intel AES-NI increases security over traditional encryption methods by providing additional security against software side-channel attacks to exponentially boost the effectiveness of encryption.
  • The Cirrus™ 1200 featuring Intel AES-NI provides top-of-the-line performance and high-speed encryption for the ultimate in data security.

Encryption allows you to safely transfer and store data in such a way that you and those you authorize can access it, but it is useless to hackers or other unauthorized parties if the data is somehow compromised or intercepted.

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